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Top 3 of European Vascular Meetings….

Although Vascular Surgery is a “small” medical specialty with few members, there are numerous national and European meetings that are held annually. One possible explanation would be that the specialty is on constant evolution….

My personal top 3 of these meeting in a European level are the following. My criteria are not only content and number of participants, but organization, logistics and set up of these meetings.

  1. LINC. This meeting is held in Leipzig every January. Getting there can be tricky, since you will possible need a transit flight and it usually is snowing. The content of the meeting also involves strictly endovascular subjects but, the conventional center is huge, the presentations last 10-15 min top and there are live cases streamed from all around Europe. It is like Vascular surgery reality TV show
  2. CX Charring Cross. It would be a bad idea to be operated end of April in UK, since all  their vascular surgeons are attending this meeting. Located in London could be the only reason to go but the size of the meeting, its history and a great book that they provide add to the treat!! This is the meeting in which they invented the debates..
  3. ESVES. This is the official meeting of the European Society of Vascular Surgery held every September. Every year you get to visit a different European city. Multicultural in every aspect, this meeting is like the European Union of Vascular surgery.



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